I loved this show! I can’t think of anything quite like it. Liz manages to talk about something that affects us all, but we never talk about. She makes it both every day and profound, and moves us to laughter and tears. She also empowers us, not in a wishy washy way, but with real concrete recipes for action. It’s a really useful show. She could be the Mary Berry of death.

Mike Kenney

Olivier Award Winning Playwright

Just experienced Liz Rothschild’s monologue on death.  She says it all and wowed me with her range of experience and expertise at telling it like it is with humour and clarity in the right proportion. Long may she reign!

Paula Rainey Croft

Founder of Heaven on Earth, Bristol.

Liz Rothschild’s Outside the Box: A Live show About Death is a poetic and gently humorous performance that dispels our misunderstandings about the etiquette around death and reveals the possibilities and alternatives to convention and ritual, that may no longer feel true to our own lives and those we love. All those who work in Palliative Care should see this AND so should all those who don’t. Put it on your bucket list now.

Dr Anna Hume

Hospice Doctor

Outside the box is a life affirming, empowering and entertaining show, during which Liz Rothschild deals with some difficult topics whilst making us laugh – and pause for thought. The audience (ranging from teens to octogenarians) was held captive as Liz told her stories. There was something for everyone to learn along the way, and we were allowed to think for ourselves. Liz showed us the vast variety of ways in which people deal with death, and by doing so, gave us all permission to be ourselves.

Dr Jo Withers

GP, Finity

After 30 years as a GP the stories from Liz Rothschild’s Outside the Box struck a chord with me. The performance was entertaining and thought-provoking, and the human narratives delivered with humour and compassion. I would highly recommend it both to health workers and non-health workers alike.

Dr Mary Welsh


It felt like quite a gamble for us, as a small voluntary arts centre, to book a show about death. Would people really come out to see something so grim?  But we needn’t have worried. Not only did we sell out, but the show’s unusual subject matter attracted  people to our venue who had never been before. And the audience was not disappointed.  Liz’s performance was intriguing, moving and entertaining, exploring a subject that touches us all, but most of us prefer not to dwell on.  It provoked a really lively discussion and sharing of stories afterwards, which Liz led with great skill and sensitivity

Crediton Arts Centre

Outside the box, along with a death cafe I attended a couple of weeks ago have opened my eyes. I think it might reduce my subconscious fear of death to some degree to take a small part of the uncertainty out by getting my affairs sorted.

Audience member

Outside the Box, Beyond the Stage and into the Therapeutic Arena?

What struck me about my experience as a member of the audience at an Oxford performance of Outside the Box was how much more this was than powerful theatre on a largely taboo subject. The interaction after the multi layered monologue, when audience members talked to each other as well as to Liz Rothschild herself, reminded me of group therapy at it’s best. Personal trauma witnessed, empathy released, perspectives extended, insights shared. Somehow a drama which might have just explored demise and disconnection also facilitated creativity and connection.

Sheila Pregnall


I was so impressed with Liz, the concept and the production and want to tell you that. Thank you for a very stimulating evening. I thought Liz’s performance was inspiring – it made me ask myself how I could improve my presentation as a celebrant.

Margaret Gibson

Humanist Funeral Celebrant & Non-religious Pastoral Care Volunteer

Fabulous – beautifully delivered, enchanting in the best sense. Delightful and engaging.

Susan Friston

Malvern Death Cafe

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance, it was very vibrant and showed death in a completely different light. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us… for giving me insight into these intimate details of other people’s lives, it’s been a privilege.

Medical Student

Southampton University

I had no idea talking about death could be so amusing and entertaining. I am taking away lots of thoughts and will change my plan for my own funeral.

Audience Member

Liz is a phenomenal playwright and actor whose death stories ring true for all audiences. They will bring laughter and tears while revealing the cultural pitfalls of our conventional modern funeral. It is a must see!

Jerrigrace Lyons

California, U.S.A

Through Liz’s work on the topic of death I feel more encouraged to speak to family and friends about the subject, as previously I had a fear of the word! Thank you Liz!


Audience Member

Good to see and hear Liz’s show about death before getting inside the box: thanks and carry on!

Audience Member

Wonderful drama, the best way I have come across of dealing with the subject of death and how to embark on a conversation with someone.

Audience Member

I felt safe watching Liz’s performance, any emotions or uncertainties that came up were held by her considerable experience doing this show and also as a skilled performer. I felt the same when it came to voicing a question.

Audience Member